choco kebab

Slices of Italian Heaven

The irresistible Cremino Piemontese chocolate is shaved and served in a delicious and unique way.

This exquisite chocolate has nutty overtones and a pleasantly smooth texture.

The chocolate combines Artisanal Italian Gianduia chocolate - made with IGP certified Piedmont hazelnut paste, cocoa and milk - 

 and the Nocciola cream - also an IGP hazelnut cream - 

Choco Chef Samir

When a Moroccan chef gets the sweet tooth!

Started as a Mediterranean Food Truck Chef Samir got a sweet tooth!

Tasting amazing different flavours around the world he always  wanted to bring to New York his novelty dessert truck aiming to reinvent your dessert experience through unique combinations. 

Something that may taste foreign but native, new but nostalgic.

Our desserts combine Cremino Piemontese chocolate and Choco Pita or Bubble Waffle.

The choco kebab is a combination of two specialty food:

Cremino Piemontese chocolate cylinder  and Choco Pita  (a delicious mix used to make the the dough for this dessert).



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